Edge bending and bending technology – state-of-the-art forming technology

Edge bending and bending – Forming with the highest precision, manually and automatically

Whether edge bending is a manufacturing step in a complex assembly or the final stage in processing a component, with our modern bending technology, we create forming solutions with the highest precision and repeat accuracy – ensuring effectiveness and process reliability. With our large machine park and modern equipment, we can guarantee the necessary flexibility and reliability.
Edge bending is based on the method of free bending, in which the angle to be achieved is realised by the calculated depth of immersion of the punch into the die. The deeper the punch dips into the die, the smaller the angle becomes. Angle sensors guarantee process reliability by continuously monitoring and correcting the process during ongoing production.
Today, bent and edge parts are used in many industries as a cost-optimised alternative to drawn components.  Sheet metal bending and sheet metal edge bending is essential in the automotive industry, in the development and construction of agricultural commercial vehicles or production of housings.



Application in complex assemblies

Precision and repeat accuracy

Process reliability through angle sensor technology

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