Laser marking technology – Efficient, precise and durable

Laser marking technology – Lasting legibility down to the smallest detail

Whether you want to mark the visible area of components with important product labels or ensure traceability with laser-engraved serial numbers or QR codes, with our laser marking technology we offer you the possibility of labelling your components individually and in compliance with the regulations.

Laser engraving is precision work down to the smallest detail. Depending on the individual material and quality requirements, we use annealing marking, engraving or ablation techniques. You save on printing costs and don’t need to create your own printing stencil, as we create the lettering file directly from your supplied data – DXF, DGW data or JPEG or TIFF images. This reduces your work load and also makes last minute changes possible.

You get an exceptionally high-quality marking result that requires no pre- or post-treatment of the part. Our laser marking technology guarantees efficiency and, above all, lasting good legibility even with the smallest lettering.



Highest precision

Legibility down to the smallest detail

Modifications possible at short notice

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