Laser welding – repeatable quality and process-reliable

2D and 3D laser welding: Minimum distortion – maximum stability

Laser welding enables repeatable and process-reliable manufacturing of your joined parts. When it comes to the precise joining of parts, our laser welding technology performs much better than other welding processes. The laser welding process produces extremely narrow and deep weld seams, as no material has to be added. Due to their special depth, the weld seams are very stable.

The processed parts to be joined show only very slight distortion, as the heat influence is minimal due to the laser’s pinpoint accuracy. The laser welds are particularly precise and clean, so that only rarely (and if so, then only slightly) reworking is necessary.

Our high quality standards in laser welding of metal, stainless steel or aluminium are rooted in a combination of process control and optimal fixtures suitable for your project. To meet these standards, we also design and build the perfect welding fixtures for you.


Extremely narrow weld seams

Low heat distortion

Precise and clean

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