Pipe and profile processing – ready-to-assemble pipe articles, expert complete solution from a single source

Pipe laser cutting – The most economical and innovative way of pipe processing

Using our pipe laser cutting process, virtually any shape and contour can be cut into pipes and profiles. And it is extremely time and cost efficient – drilling, milling and sawing are all done in a single operation. Supplemented by pipe bending, we extend the vertical range of manufacture and can supply you directly with mountable pipe articles.

The interplay of pipe laser cutting, pipe bending and 3D laser cutting enables the insertion of precisely fitting gaps and end trims -even in the forming area. This gives us the option – without costly tool changes – to implement adaptations and modifications flexibly and rapidly.

Together with our team, you will discover new possibilities for the design of your products – with laser pipe processing, surprising new designs can be created that are inconceivable with conventional manufacturing methods. As in all other areas, we are happy to support you in the development and design of your products. Contact us!





Ready-to-assemble pipe articles

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