Surface treatment – The final touch before assembly

Surface treatment: Surface finish – edge rounding, surface grinding, deburring and descaling

In order to deliver your component or assorted components ready for assembly, the final touch, the surface treatment, is essential. Depending on the requirements, the surface grinding pattern is reconstructed on 3-dimensional components, e.g. as a finish for high-quality stainless-steel housings in the field of industrial automation. Machine surface grinding is necessary for the clean further processing of circuit boards. The surface treatment of the metal can comprise deburring by machine for increased work safety and rounding edges or descaling for further processing and coating. For formed parts, surface treatment consists of vibratory grinding, trowalising, for deburring. Additionaly, glass bead blasting and sandblasting can serve as a good preparation for surface coating. Order your surface coating right here! We offer surface coating services in cooperation with our long-term partners for ready-to-sell and ready-to-install components.






Ready-to-assemble components

Micrograph for high-quality stainless-steel housings

Surface grinding and coating

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